Purchase of Grains
Welcome to this part of our website which is dedicated to the purchase of grain. We are aware of the important role played by the raw material supplier in achieving success and building the market position of our company. We have been working with you - agricultural producers and merchants, as a company for several decades.
We respect your hard work and efforts put in the production, gathering and preparing for the sale of quality seeds. The effort and dedication, as we know is sometimes thwarted by the forces of nature, which have no influence on. Therefore, understanding your problems, we are trying to make our relationship with you as partner-like as possible and based on mutual trust. We do not aim to obtain immediate benefits, but we strive for long-term cooperation based on agricultural procurement contracts. We constantly negotiate the trading terms and conditions, but we keep our commitments and guarantee the timely and secure payment for goods delivered. The legal and market barriers make that not always and not all of your expectations, we are able to comply in full, but we analyse them carefully and show maximum effort and goodwill to satisfy them.
We continue to improve our operations and invest in the company laboratory facilities and improve the qualifications of employees in order to make the qualitative assessment of the purchased raw material the most fair and objective, and the cooperation with suppliers reliable and long-lasting. Today we acquire from the market almost 130 thousand tonnes of wheat annually, but we have further ambitious development plans that require the extension of material resources. We are, therefore, interested in both the deepening of cooperation with existing partners as well as in establishing its new entrants.
The company conducts the purchase of wheat to meet its needs. We strive to obtain the raw material of a high quality. The qualitative assessment of grain is done in the presence of the supplier in our laboratory, using the most modern equipment to guarantee a fair and objective determination of grain quality parameters.
Quality parameters of the accepted wheat :
The wheat grain being the object of purchase must meet the following quality parameters:
Falling number minimum220 s
Gluten contentminimum28 %
Uniformityminimum75 %
Impurities - totalmaximum6%
including unusablemaximum2%

Grain must be healthy, of trading quality, free of live grain and flour pests, odour, smut, harmful substances.
Grains which are sold may not have exceeded the permissible level of pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins, and can not be genetically modified.

The exemptions from the above parametersare accepted, in the humidity and pollution, to the maximum value of the buying price list valid at the date of physical delivery of grain to PZZ Krakow warehouse. The wheat of reduced parameters in this scope will be received with applicable deductions resulting from the tariff. Any deductions resulting from a lower quality grain than set for the price of base quality is made on the net price.
In the case of the reduced parameters in the gluten content, uniformity of grain and falling number, the purchase of such goods is admitted on the basis of individual agreements. The amounts and deadlines for receiving grain of reduced parameters are dependent on the needs and capabilities of our company's warehouse.

Defects rendering the wheat commodity - live pests, lichen, odour, hazardous materials - will cause the refusal to accept the goods and their return to the supplier.
The quality of grain is determined on the day of delivery in our laboratory from the sample taken from each mode of transport. On the basis of the laboratory analysis results, the price of grain delivery is determined.
Receipt of Grain
Deliveries are accepted on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
at the Mill in ul. Grabska 677, 32-003 Podłęże.
Polskie Zakłady Zbożowe PZZ w Krakowie S.A.
31-444 Kraków, Ładna 27A Street
Młyn św. Marcina
32-003 Podłęże, Ul. Grabska 677
NIP: 6750000059
Logistics Department
tel: 48 12 411 53 86
mail: logistyka@pzzkrakow.com.pl

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